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As we all know that today there is  everything on Internet. There is a virtual world ahead of real world. Everyone takes help of Google when he wants help to know something. There is also a another virtual social life ahead of the daily social life, So there are a much buzz on social media. Making new friends and connecting with new peoples is becoming a new trend for our young ones. They feel better and free on social media. There are a lot crowd on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and etc.. When Anyone wants to chill and hangout then mostly of them use facebook or twitter. So there is a much opportunity to get traffic and loyal customer for our business from social media. So today social media is the best destination for marketers and businesses. We can make our business globally speared and can influence more people by social media. And if you are a blogger or a website owner then social media is the perfect way to get more traffic. So in this article about how can we write such a post which can get us more engagements and which people love to share.

Before getting started just let you take a look on social media statistics :-

 Source : mytechdynamics

So watching these social media statistics proves that social media is the sweetest fruit for us, where we can get much juice. For much information on social media statistics you should read my earlier article ;

Let's take a look on social media growth :-

Social Media Growth In Web Content :

There are a much noise on social media each minute. let's take a look on infrographics report of every minute social media content statistics by smartinsights :

Why It's Getting Too Hard :

As we can see in above infographic that's proven that there is a much competition to get your content discovered. So that is really harder to get your content discovered. So here I am telling you some points to craft a valuable content :-

These are that two best rules for creating a valuable content. You should know that quality written content's length should be 1,000 words or more. so please always keep in mind make your content large but don't expand it unnecessary.

So In this article, now I am telling you some awesome tips which will takeaway your social media engagement :-

1. Optimize Your Heading :

That should be first and the effective step to craft engaging post for social media. Headlines plays a main role to let your content go viral. Here is the full guide to write an effective or powerful headline

#1 Mind The Length :

An ideal length of social media post can attract more users and can create more engagement. So you should always optimize the length of your post. So let's discuss which length is the ideal and best for various social media platforms. As the Buffer's study says :-

  • Facebook - 40 characters
  • Twitter - 71 to 100 characters
  • Google+ - 60 charcters
  • LinkedIn - 25 words

 #2 Start With 'How To' :

"How To" is the set of words that creates more curiosity in the reader's mind. So this is the best way to get your post go viral. Implementing "How To" is always the plus point for headline writing.

#3 Craft a List Post :

This can be a great way to attract more users, because reader loves list post. So make you as list large as you can, it can be 10, 50, 100,150 or more. List posts always impacts reader's mind to get a better result. list post can be negative or positive. Buzzfeed is very known name that delivers many list posts.

#4 Do Use of Facts or Statistics :

Using facts and statistics makes a promise to the reader's mind and gives him a more reliability. So make use of facts ans statistics in your posts.

Here is some more tips to write a sharable headline from my earlier article :-

- Start with Number and Trigger words
- Use Unique Rationale
- Use Adjectives
- Call For Attention
- Using Superlatives
- Use Power Words
- Negatives
- Using SEO keyword
- Make an Audacious Promise

For more information please visit to my earlier article on headline writing, because I can not write everything here otherwise it will be too long. So Read my earlier article-

2. Implement Visuals :

Implementing visuals in posts can create an image in reader's mind, that can help you to create more engagement. So always implement visuals in your posts. Because visuals attracts peoples. So implementing Images, videos, Inforgraphics can be a plus point to let your post go viral. Because you should know that your images, videos can also go viral ahead of your content. so content is not the only one thing that goes viral, videos or images can also goes viral.

Do you know that facebook posts with images gets 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-through rates according to KISSmertics.

Now let just come on twitter. Do you know that - According to twitter blog we got that post with photos have the greatest effect on retweets.

- Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets
- Videos get a 28% boost
- Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets
- Including a number receives a 17% bump in Retweets
- Hashtags receive a 16% boost

# Takeawayes :

#1. Quotes With An Image :

People always loves quotes both on Twitter and Facebook. So don't forget to take advantage of this golden biscuit. You can create an image with quote. you can take help of tool like canva to write quote on an image. This can increase you post sharing by 100-300%.
Take a look on the twitter account of Kim Garst, she is the master of that way.

#2. Post With Graphs, Statistics or Infographics :

This can be the best way to engage more readers. So don't miss this. I am sure if you use graphs and statistics in your post then your post's engagements will be 200-500 higher.

3. Tag and Address Influencer : 

Tag some influencer in your post on facebook and address some influencer on Twitter. By doing that you can take advantage of their personality and reputation. So don't forget this juice. 

Warning - Tag relevant peoples but please don't spam.

4. Optimize Your Content :

#1. Write Great Headlines :

OMG..!! That's the second time when I am talking about headlines. But now I will not go long. I am doing this because headlines plays a lead role to give a specific reason to your readers. Headlines reflects the content written below it.
Here is my full guide for writing catchy headlines.

#2. Craft Quality or Unique Content :

Craft quality and unique content on your blog. That give a reason to your readers to read, because they can't find that type of content anywhere else. It also helps your content for higher search ranking. 
Here is my below article, where you can get help about that :-

#3. Long From Content :

Do you know that counts of words affects your SEO, longer content appears higher in Google search ranking. We can guess that there will be high number of content keywords in longer content, and as you know that Google always prefers keyword rich content. 

- So try to write longer content but don't mess up and stretch it unnecessary, that can spoil your reader's experience.

Now I am sharing the research of serpIQ, It tells us that content with word count of 2450 and above ranks higher in Google.

I am damn sure, you are thinking that why I am talking about content length then it's only affects SEO. But wait!! It also affects social media sharing. According to QuikSprout research :-

- Posts that were under 1,500 words, on average received 174.6 tweets and 59.3 Facebook likes. 
- Posts that were over 1,500 words, on average received 293.5 tweets and 72.7 Facebook likes.

5. Optimize Your Blog :

#1. Sharing :

Do use of social sharing buttons on your blog, That will be much better if you also add image sharing buttons. This can increase your social media sharing and can help your social media campaign in a best way. You can take help of tool like - SumoMe.

 #2. Make Your Blog SEO Optimized :

Doing this will increase your search engine ranking. You should add schema codes in your blog template. Do it now.

#3. Make Your Blog or Website Responsive For Mobile :

This can also boost traffic on your blog. Do you know that there are 2,082.7 million smartphone users worldwide. So this can be very helpful for you.

#4. Develop a good website design for better user experience.

6. Do Use of Hashtags :

Today hashtags are everywhere, you can find hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and many more. Today hashtags are becoming another option for social media for search queries. So implementing hashtahs in your posts can make your engagement higher. Let's take a look on the effects of hashtags in Twitter :-

Dan Zarella discovered this effect in a study on retweeting behavior that included more than 1.2 million tweets. The large scope of the study made for a 99.9 percent confidence interval with the results.

7. Plan Your Posting Strategy :

Develop Your own social media strategy and create your own time table. It will help you for a better result. Before planning your posting strategy ask these three questions to yourself :-

- What you should post?
- How often you should post?
- When you should post?

# How often you should post ? :-

# When You Should Post? :- 

* Conclusion :

So guys that was my article on writing social media posts that goes viral. Now I am telling you some more tips to create a better engagement with your social media fans, because if you makes a better relationship with your user, it will help your post to grow more. So keep your eye focused on what I am saying -

- Be Active on Your Social Media Profiles
- Be Able To Provide Answers
- Leave Readers With Questions
- Provide Quick Tips
- Be Accurate With Your Provided Information
- Speak With Your Own Tune And Style

For More Guide Read our early Articles :-

That's it guys!!!

Hope You Enjoyed!! 

I am curious to getting your response by commenting below..

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