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Hello Geeks, After my recent article "How To Write Great Blog Content" I am here to tell you about how to write powerful headlines.

What is Headline:

The headline is the text indicating the nature of article below it. Headline is a word set at the head of the passage or article to introduce or categorize. A headline's purpose is to quickly or briefly draw attention to the story.

Why Headlines :

According to copy blogger 80% of visitor will read only your headline, rest only 20% will read your article.

As we all know that headlines gives the identification to the our rest of article. Headlines are really important for your users to understand about your content. And creating a powerful or catchy headlines is the simplest way to create a better understanding.

So by crafting magnetic headlines, you will increase the number of users that will actually read your article.

If your headline is not relevant to your article content then your all marketing efforts to creating traffic will be waste of time.

A headline's length should be lesser than 62 characters. If you exceeds it, search engine will ignore the rest part of your headline.

So Now here i am telling you some awesome steps of  headline writing :

Step 1. Starting with Numbers or Trigger words :

Starting Headline with numbers and trigger words is the effective way to write powerful headlines.

Several research shown that starting headlines with numbers tend to generate 73% more social shares and engagement.

Let's take a look on conductor's survey on five types of headlines, Headline Starting with numbers won here :

According to The Write Direction  "Numbers are brain candy". In other simple words our brain is receptive to numbers, catches numbers very fast.  

Use Odd Numbers Apart of Even Numbers : Again, let's take a look to another fact that using odd number is more effective than even number. You need to know the science behind odd numbers.

Examples - 

- 101 Ways To Increase Traffic
- 37 Effective Ways To Content Marketing

Headline that contained odd number gets 20% higher click through rate than headlines with even numbers. Here is typical examples from

# Starting with trigger words : what, why, how, when are the trigger words. Starting with these trigger words is a good sense of headline writing. Specially why or how are the best trigger words according to me. How is the most used trigger words. 

So starting with trigger words can be a great way to headline writing. Because these are the mindset words of every person to getting their answer.

Starting with "How To" is the good way of headline writing. Let's take a look of on headline starting with "How to" -

Let's take a look what Copy Blogger says about "How To" appealing - 

Step 2. Use Unique Rationale :

Why readers will read your headline?. This is the perfect question for every content writer.
If you want people to read your content, give them a good reason for that.

Rationale reflects a set of reason or a logic basic for a course of action. Rationale stands out for reasoning, thinking, logic or sense. In other simple words rationale gives a reason or logic to your readers for reading your article.

So using rationale is the great way to grab the attention of readers towards your headline or content. 
Here are some some useful rationale according to Jeff Goins - 

Some headline examples using rationale - 

- 5 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Content
- 7 Principles I Learned As a Gamedeveloper
- 9 Principle of Story Writing
- 7 Secret of Business strategies
- 17 Facts That Sound Fake But Actually True

Step 3. Use Adjectives :

Adjective is a word or phrase naming an attribute added or grammatically related to a noun modify or describe it.
You can add adjectives to give your headline a boost and make it super attractive. 

Mr. Jeff Goins tells some interesting adjectives- 

- Effortless
- Painstaking 
- Fun 
- Free
- Incredible
- Essential
- Absolute
- Strange

Step 4. Call For Attention :

Attention seeking is behaving in a way which is pursuit to attention from others. "Call For Attention" is to cause someone or something to be noticed or observed.

So headlines are the best way to draw attention of users.

An Headline example from copy blogger :-

Here are some ways to call for attention :-

# Addressing The Reader : If your headlines creates a relationship whit readers, It increases a huge chances to be get clicked by reader. Using "You" and "Your" is the best way to addressing the reader. It suggest that the article is directly applicable to the reader.

Reder addressing headlines example from :-

Some other headline examples of addressing reader :-

- 11 Interesting Blogging Facts That You Should Know
- 7 Steps To Boost Your marketing Efforts

# Ask A Question : Asking a question is a great way to creating "call for attention" sense for the reader.
Putting a question in headline creates a answer image in the mind of the reader and creates the attention of the reader towards your content.

Headline Examples :-

- Do You Struggle With Content Writing
- What Are The Best Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic

# Emotional Value : Using emotional value in headline is a great way to "Call For Attention" . 
According to coschedule Emotional value makes a good headline at 10-15% density. So implementing emotional value in headline is a good sense of headline writing.

You can check your headline's EMV(Emotional Marketing Value) at this amazing headline analyzer tool.
Emotion impactful words also called as 'power words' . Here are examples of power words - 

Step 5. Curiosity : 

Curiosity enhance learning. Powerful headline should express curiosity to users. Because curiosity is the desire to learning or know about anything.
Impleminting curiosity in headline creates an attention for your users and increases click through rate on your content.

According to Daisy Yahus Curiosity prepares the brain for better learning.

Upworthy is a best example of impleminting curiosity in their headlines -

Now I am telling you about some words to create curiosity :- 

# Using Secret  : Secret is a word that always creats curiosity to everyone. So we can say that secret is a symbol of curiosity. So using "The Secret Of" in headline is the powerful way to create curiosity to the reader about the content. 
Read the Naturalon Article- "Can Keeping Secret Actually Affect Your Brain?".
Examples :
 - The Secret Of Happy Living Life
 - 10 Secrets Behind Every Successful Person

# Using Why : The power of curiosity will always be a strong draw to find out more. 'Why' always creates a curiosity image to the reader's mind. 
Examples :
- Why Celebrities Stays Young Till 60
- Why Many Startup Fails

# Using Facts : Using Facts is the awesome way to create curiosity in reader's mind. 
Fact is something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information. So Obsiouly Fact creates curiosity in reader's mind.
Examples : 
- 5 Facts About Content Writing
- 7 Awesome Facts About Marketing

Let's see conductor's headline performance and clarity graph :-

Step 6. Superlative : 

Superlative words like - Best, Biggest, Greatest, wrost etc. plays a great role for creating a powerful headline. 
Let's take a look on conductor survey on using superlative :-

But according to Outbrain study on 65,000 titles, using negative superlative(like - wrost) can be even more powerful than positive superlative(like - best).

Step 7. Use SEO Keyword :

As we all know organic readers are the main readers for a blog or website and the best source of organic readers are search engines. So if you want to more organic click on your headline, your headline should be SEO friendly. For making your headline SEO friendly you need to add SEO keyword in your headline. So adding SEO keyword is the best way to make a headline SEO friendly or getting more organic clicks.

                                                    Source -

Step 8. Make An Audacious Promise : 

Making a promise is a great way to let the reader believe on you. So promise your reader something valueable. 
Example :
- 7 Proven Way To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

                                        Image Source - Coschedule

Step 9. Use Headline Formulas : 

Now I am telling you about some easy to use headline formulas :-

# Jeff Goins's Headline Formula : Mr. Jeff Goins tells us a very simple or easy headline formula. This formula is very handy.

                                         Image Source : Buffer

Formula : Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise 

Example - 7 Essential Ways You Can Train Your Dog 

# SHINE Formula : Let's take a look on ultimate SHINE formula by Kissmetrics blog .
Implement SHINE formula in each headlone for a powerful headline writing.

S =  Specificity
H = Helpfullness
I =  Immediacy
N = Newsworthiness
E =  Entertainment value

# Summary

Let's take a look around what we learned in this article.

Step-by-Step Guide On Writing Powerful Headlines :-

- Starting With Numbers And Trigger Words
- Use Unique Rationale
- Use Adjectives
- Call For Attention
- Curiosity
- Superlatives
- Use SEO Keyword
- Make An Audacious Promise
- Use Headline Formulas

# Conclusion :

I thinks that creating great content is the essential need of of every content writer or writing powerful headlines is very important to let your content discovered by readers. 

So that's the Step-by-Step Guide on writing powerful headlines.
I hope that will help you.

If you have any quality suggestion about this article or if you are using any other powerful headline writing formula then please let us know by posting your precious comment below.

Thanks a ton for reading my article. If you wants to be stay updated about content writing tips then subscribe our newsletter.

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