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Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Hi Buddies, Today I am here with a new interesting topic. I am sure you are thinking, what would be interesting in this article. But now I am telling you that it is all about your blog's social media optimization, So let's come to the topic :-

As we all know that Social media plays a great role in search engine optimization(SEO). There are always a big debate on social media's impact on SEO. At last in 2014  Google spam team expert Matt Cutts revealed that Google doesn't take social media signals as SEO booster directly. I appreciate that Google does not take social media signals as directly impact on SEO. But wait that's also proven that social media signals impacts SEO in a indirect way.

As we all know, today there are many various social media platforms. And there are a lot traffic available on these social media platforms. So there are enough fruits available on social media to prepare a perfect glass of juice. If you want to know in extensive that how social media impacts SEO, then read my earlier guide :-

The Ultimate Guide : How Social Media Impacts SEO

As I told you above that social media influence search engine ranking indirectly. So we need to use social media in  a perfect way to get benefit. But as we all know that a perfect strategy always helps to get success. So you need to create an effective social media strategy for a good result. You can take the help of my earlier guide how to create an effective social media strategy here. So if you have read my post, there I have also mentioned "Blog optimization for social media". So optimizing your blog for social media should be a essential part of your strategy, and to optimize your blog for social media, you should implement social sharing plugins to make your content shareable.

So in this article I am telling you about some of the most effective social media sharing plugins.

1. Monarch By Elegant Themes :

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Monarch is a premium plugin by elegant themes and they have done a great job with this plugin. Not only does this plugin let you add social media sharing buttons at various places, the buttons are created to fulfill the goal of encouraging sharing. Let's take a look where you can add social media buttons by monarch :-

- Floating Sidebar
- Above Content
- Below Content
- Automatic pop Up
- Automatic Fly In
- On Media(Images)

Some other features of Monarch by Elegant Themes :-

- Clean, Customizable Disign
- Elegantly Responsive
- Lightning Fast
- Monarch Dashboard with Analyst 

So at last I want to say that it is a great plugin. but it is too costly, it will cost you $89 per year but you can take the advantage of elegant theme's all products. It also works great on mobile websites.

2. Social Warfare :

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Social warfare is the most effective that I had seen ever. It is the most impressive plugin. 

Dot only does it give you to add stunning share buttons on your website, but also gives you some power features to get a massive boost in social media sharing.
Many customers of warfare plugin giving better reviews about it. One of them reported 300% boost in social sharing when using this plugin. 

This is a very light weight plugin and never slow down your website because this plugin doesn't use frames in it's script, 
 that why I loves this plugin.

Features of Social Welfare :

- Attractive Designs
- Lightning Fast
- Customizable
- Click To Tweet
- Sharable Quotes
- Twitter cards, Social Proof(Total Share Count)
- Popular Post Widget
- Responsive
- Developer Friendly
- Developer Friendly, Shortcodes, Content Protection
- Analytics Integration

So by taking a look on these points that is proved that Social welfare is really a great tool. And wait!, this also low costly, this plugin comes with low cost of $24. So we can say that "Big beast in a low budget".

Price - $24

3. Ultimate Social Deux :

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Ultimate Social Deux is an another awesome social sharing plugin for wordpress. This is sold by codecanyon for only $14. This plugin looks modern and sexy. This plugin is lightweight and doesn't use iframes which helps with faster page loading. This plugin comes with responsive social sharing buttons. Ultimate social deux also provides a widget to show your social media profiles with numbers.

There are five placement options for Ultimate social deux buttons - 

- Widgets
- Mobile Bar
- Floating buttons left or right
- Buttons above or bottom of content
- Floating top

Key Features :

- Auto updates
- Lightning fast
- Responsive
- Multilingual
- Fan Counts
- Shortcodes
- Multiple skins

Price : $15

4. Sharealohic :

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins
This is an awesome social media sharing plugin which comes with many features that I had seen ever. And one more plus point of this plugin is that this is free. We can also monetize our website by it's related post widget which can give us money.

Sharealohic Features :

- Sharing Buttons
- Recommendations
- Analytics
- Classic Bookmarks
- Sexy Bookmarks
- Sassy bookmarks

Sharealohic also works with blogger, Tumblar, Drupal, Shopify and more. so it supports most of blogging platforms.

Price - Free

Download Shareaholic plugin

5. SumoMe (recommended by TheGeekVision):

That's my favorite plugin. And believe me this the best choice because I am using this tool. It comes with many features. Not only does this plugin let you add social media buttons but this plugin gives you awesome features like - Email list Bulding, Heat maps and many more. I like it's heat map facility because by using this feature you can track your readers activity where he clicking on your blog or website. It is very helpful for every blogger because by heat map function he can optimize his blog to get best result and he can create a better user experience for his readers.

This plugin is very helpful for your marketing strategy, so you should implement it in your marketing strategy. 

I tried many social sharing plugins before sumome But I didn't got any satisfied results then someone suggested me to try SumoMe and believe me I got awesome results by placing this on my blog. And one more good reason to start using sumome is - It's essential package comes for free. You can take advantage it's features for free, But if are a serious blogger then you can subscribe it's pro version on for $20 per month, It is really awesome.

Head over to (Exclusive landing page for TheGeekVision readers)

SumoMe Features :

- List Builder
- Heat Maps
- Share Buttons
- Discover
- Google Analytics
- Welcome Mat
- Content Analytics
- Image Sharer
- Smart Bar
- Highlighter

Now I am telling you the full process of signing-up to sumome :- 

1. First go to and then enter your somain name then click on "GET IT FREE" according to below image.

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

2. After completing first step a pop-up would appear, you have to fill your email or password in it.

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

3. Now You would get  html code, Copy and paste this code in your website's template.
Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

4. Now it's all done take advantage of SumoMe's awesome features.

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins

Price : Free

6. Jetpack :

Jetpack is one of the most popular wordpress plugin created by Automattic, the people behind wordpress. The plugin brings many of the powerful features available on the to self hosted wordpress sites.
In simple words this is a great plugin, which is enough popular.

 Jetpack Features :

- Stats
- Publicize
- Related Posts
- Monitor
- Comments

7. :

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins social media sharing plugin comes with an attractive design. You can also track the analytics report of clicks, shares and follow. comes with many attractive widgets, so let's take a look on its feature list- Features :

- Sharing Buttons
- Floating Sharing Buttons
- Lite
- Native Sharing Buttons
- Image Sharing Buttons
- Newsletter Sharing Buttons
- Analytics Report

Price - Free

8. AddToAny Share Buttons :

Top 10 Wordpress Social Media Sharing Plugins
AddToAny is one of the most popular social sharing plugin for wordpress. This is an advance plugin which comes with many customization options. This plugin will also let you add responsive sharing buttons on your blog, So thats awesome.

AddToAny comes with 100+ social sharing buttons with plenty of placement options.

 Feature List :

- Share Buttons and Follow Buttons
- Custom Placement
- Analytics Integration
- Wordpress Optimized
- Mobile Optimized and Retina ready
- Customizable and Extensible

Price - Free

Some More Plugins :

9.  WP Social Sharing : You can add beautiful big sharing buttons.

# Final Words :

So these are the best social media sharing plugins for wordpress according to me. I did my best to let you know the best social sharing plugins.

I would like to recommend you SumoMe plugin because it gives you many facility for free. And if you are serious about blogging the SumoMe would be the best choice for you because in its pro version you can get more powerful features to rocket-up your business. It also gives you list building, you know list building is very important to get loyal readers.

Hope It helped you.

Please let me know if you are using any different social sharing option by commenting below.

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