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Get your social media in place before  you start, Because without any strategy or preparation you can't get success . So before getting starting for anything you should set your step-by-step strategy to achieve your goal.
As we all know that social media is the golden biscuit for any business or startup now a days. You can get a lot relevant traffic for your business by social media. So you should not neglect social media butter for your business, So take care of it.

Why social media is so effective?. Let's take a look on amazing social media numbers :-

Social media Statics :

- Total worldwide population as 2015 is 7.3 billion.
- Total internet users - 3.17 billion
- Total active social media users - 2.3 billion
- 91% of retails brands use 2 or more social media accounts.
- Internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts.
- Social media users have risen by 176 million in last year.
- 1 million active social users joins everyday, 12 people joins each second.
- There are 1.65 billion active social media accounts globally.

1.  Set Your Goal :

Before starting with social media you should define your goal, what you want to achieve from social media for your beneficiaries. Because we all know that without any aim or goal we can't reach to our target.
Let's take a look at some goals which everyone wants to achieve :-
- Sales
- Brand Awareness
- Drive traffic to Your website or blog
- Want more followers or likes
- Customer loyalty

In the beginning just select one of these and built your strategy to achieve that. After start getting some progress with your initial goal and have real measurable result, you can select another goal  from the list.

2. Choose Relevant Social Media Network :

Choose Relevant social media platform according to your comfort. Each social media network have its own unique features and functionality with a unique impact.
Mr. Tim Grahl tells us about three big questions to ask yourself when choosing a social network :-

- Does it make sense for me?
- Does is make sense for my content?
- Do potential fans spend time there?

  Image Source : B2C

Let's take a look at answers about some social media networks, Why should we use them? :-

- Why Facebook :

The biggest and the largest social media network. More than 70% adults actively use facebook, So this is much enough to use facebook for your business. 
But also keep in mind that with great popularity comes great competition. There are much crowd on facebook to make you disappear or popular.

- Why Twitter :

Twitter is so smart, mostly crowd on twitter is younger. You can get here wide variety of of technology, news, sports, marketing, journalism, and so on.

- Why LinkedIn :

This is a business oriented social media platform. This is a great place for professionals, Best platform for B2B companies. But B2C companies are still struggling.

- Why Google+ :

Google plus has 359 million active users, so it is growing rapidly. its new features makes it a marketing paradise. Google plus is highly SEO friendly social media platform. Do remember that Google+ is Google which means great search engine result for your business. So Google+ is the SEO beast, you can use it to increase your SEO. 

- Why Instagram :

Great place for fashion and photo sharing. Instagram works great in paring with facebook and twitter. mostly brands have been starting using Instagram.

- Why Pintrest :

Yes, If you have big visuals in your content, you can pin it to pintrest. A great destination to drive much traffic to your website or blog.

Let's take a look, Jayson Demers at Search Engine Land broke down social networks into seven different types :-

- Kitchen-Sink networks : Facebook and Twitter
- Image based networks : Pintrest, Instagram, Tumblr
- Video networks : Youtube, Vimeo, Vine
- Business focused network : LinkedIn
- SEO and authorship network : Google+
- Location based network : Foursquare, Yelp
- Niche network : reddit

3. Identify Your Target Audiences :

This is a damn important point to take away your business to upstairs. You should identify your users and make research on their behavior. So identify your target audiences to get best results, the foundation of social media is ti understand who your target audience is and why they use social media. To do so, we need to utilize demographics.

What Includes In Demographics :

- Location
- Age 
- Gender 
- Income
- Educational level
- Religion
- Ethnicity
- Marital Status
- Number of Children

Not all of these will relevant to your business. For an example you have a niche blog targeted to U.S. , then you need to make your analysis. To create an analysis you need to identify your target audiences according to age, gender, location and etc. If you have female oriented blog then you need to target only female audiences. 

# Analytic Tools For Demographics :

- You can use alexa to make an analysis of your target audiences. You can also compare your blog or website with your competitor's blog or website. You can track here all the analytics of your website.
Let's take a look Facebook's audience demographics on alexa :-

- An another tool "Google Analytics" is very useful to track your website's performance to track report about demographic in Google Analytics navigate - "Audience>Demographics>Overview".

To create a better report of your targeted audiences, you should take care of below points in Google analytics :- 

- Average visit duration
- New vs Returning visitor
- Age, Gender
- Reader's interest

4. Focus On Engagement :

Thats point is very important for an effective social media Strategy. Creating engagement means you are making a relationship with your users.
According to Jason Falls "Engagement is communicating well enough that the audience pay attention".
Every social media defines engagement based on the features and the functionality of  their platform. Creating engagement on social media increases click through rate and ROI of your content.

Let's take a look on "How to measure the impact of your social media engagement" :-

- Facebook defines engagement as likes, comments and shares.
- Twitter defines engagement as replies, retweets and mentions.
- LinkedIn defines engagement as the numbers of the reactions on a post and the clicks and    followers.

Ishita Ganguly at social media examiner tells us "7 ways to improve your social media engagement", which are written below :-

- Ask questions creatively
- organize unique contests
- Arrange a Q&A session
- Tag peoples In curated content
- Encourage user-generated content
- Connect with social cause
- Post about current events

Here, Now I am telling you some more steps to create real engagement with your audiences :-

# Listen To Your Audiences :

This is the best way to create real engagement with your users. Listen to your users what they talking about and try to resolve their problems and give them a relevant answer of their concerns. Don't sensor the negative comments, be able to provide their answers too.

# Listen To The Conversations :

Keep an eye on the conversations that mentions your brand or you. Priit Kalls Founder and CEO of Dreamgrow tells us about how to track conversations :- 

# Be Active :

Always be active for your audiences to create a better engagement with them. Never sensor your readers. Try to leave a good reflection of your brand to your audience' s mind.

5. Plan Your Content :

As you all know that content is the king, If you have a valuable content then it will get more shares on social media platforms and will get more traffic. So creating valuable content should be the first priority for everyone.

Here I am telling you some tips to create a great content :-

- Create Unique or Original Content
- Try to Create Effective Headlines
- Implement some SEO keywords
- Be Accurate with Your Provided Information
- Do Use of Some Facts and Surveys
- Do use of Quotes
- Implement some Infographics, Videos, Images and Jokes
- Provide Quick Tips

# Create Engaging Content :

Creating engaging content is the best way to get success in your efforts. Here I am telling some tips to create engaging content from my early written article :- 

Keep in mind that creating powerful of Effective headlines is very important for a better social media impact. You can get everything about headline writing in my early article :-

- An Ultimate Guide : How To Write Powerful Headlines

And SEO keywords are very important. Create a perfect density of SEO keywords in your content. It makes your headlines or content more effective and SEO friendly.

6. Plan Your Posting Strategy :

That is very Important point of your social media strategy.  Just ask yourself these questions :-

- What is the ideal amount to post per day?
- What you should post?
- How often you should post?
- When should you post?

These question are much helpful to create your posting strategy. If you can find the answers of these questions then you will be definitely get success to make your posting strategy.
source : buffer

# What You Should Post? :

According to buffer on Facebook, photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts.

- Photos average a 35% boost in Retweets
- Videos get a 28% boost
- Quotes get a 19% boost in Retweets
- Including a number receives a 17% bump in Retweets
- Hashtags receive a 16% boost 

Source : Buffer

# How Often You Should Post? :

Let's see in this info-graphics :

 Source : Buffer

 # When Should You Post? :

To get more details about best posting time and days, take a look at my earlier post :- 

7. Automate For Success :

There are many social media tools available for social media automation. As well you know managing all the social media accounts will be a lot time consuming for you, so you can take help of tools like- Buffer, Hootsuite etc. to save your precious time. Otherwise Buffer is the best and easiest tool for automation. 

* Conclusion :

If you read all of the points now and you thinks that making social media strategy is so easy, then you are wrong, you have to follow these point for months until you get some real results.
Make in mind that "Consistency is the key of success for social media".

To analyze your social media performance go to your google analytics dashboard and navigate to "Traffic Sources>Sources>Referrals.

Hope You Enjoyed This Article!!!

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