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Hello Geeks, In my last article I told you about "How To Write Powerful Headlines". Today we will talk about how to create unique and original blog content.

How To Craft Unique Or Original Blog content

# Why Unique Content Matters :

As we all know nowadays crafting unique content is one of the biggest struggles for bloggers who are pushing for growth. Quality content is one of the main factors for blogging success. you need to separate your blog's content from other bloggers to attract more loyal readers. 
Unique content is the main factor for our blog to rank highly in the SERP(Search Engine Ranking). So crafting unique content is a good sign for our blog's SEO.
So creating unique content is the essential requirement to get success in a blogging career.

As we all know that Google's first priority is to give quality results to its users. Google always wanna create a great user experience.

Let's take a look that what does Google want:-

- Quality
- Relevance 
- Uniqueness 

Let's take a look at the brief description of the above points:-

- Quality :

Quality means your content should be quality written. A quality written content indicates rich content which included content keywords and long-tail keywords. So there should be a perfect density of SEO keywords to make your content SEO friendly Because SEO keywords play a lead role in SEO. And there should be not any grammatical mistake in your content.

- Relevance :

Relevance simply means "Important to the matter at hand". If you wanna get your post in google search then your content should be relevant to the google search terms. If the user is searching about bikes and your content is all about trucks then that will not be relevant, your content should be also about bikes for the relevant result.

- Uniqueness : 

Uniqueness is the best way to make your content stand out in google search results. Uniqueness means your content should be not duplicate or copy-pasted. If your content is duplicate then there will be a very bad impact on your website ranking. Since the Google algorithm updated google is now very strict to duplicate content. So your content should be unique if you want better results.

Let's talk about some points to craft unique and original blog content :

1. Choose The Topic First :

At the first just choose a perfect topic by brainstorming. Because to write a unique post or article you need to know which topic you exactly want to write. Because that is nature's rule that if you wanna be a success in any work then at first you have to fix your goal. By fixing goals you have a reason in your pocket to achieve something. So at first choose a topic in which you can do your best.

choose the topic
Source - Sixminutes

2. Prepare Yourself :

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. Preparing oneself is the commitment to get the best results. As we all know that if we have a new task then we have to prepare for it to get better results. So preparing is a must.

prepare yourself quote

I am telling you some points to prepare yourself:-

- Understand The Topic First :

As we all know that true knowledge comes with a deep understanding of a topic and its inner working, So understanding the topic is the best way to prepare yourself. It is essential that if you wanna tell something to others then at first you should have proper knowledge about the topic. In short words "Your understanding is necessary for reader's better understanding. So you should understand the topic first to make an understanding environment for your readers.

understand the topic

- Develop Your Own Thought : 

develop your own point of view
                                              Source - on the web

Develop your own and thoughts before starting writing any post or article, in order to make it easier for you to better understanding or writing on the topic. This is the fact that "The more you understand, the more you write". 
In simple words develop your own point of view to understand the topic clearly and to give a perfect answer to your readers. Because there is always a fact behind everything in this space.

- Do Some Research :

do some research quote

Do you have the proper knowledge about the topic on whom you are writing?. According to my, nobody is perfect in any or specific topic, at first everybody does essential research on the relevant topic to make himself perfect for the topic.
Yuppp... There is not any doubt that Google is the best destination to gather some knowledge on the relevant topic. So before start writing collect some knowledge about the topic and use some facts to give your readers the best experience that they can't get from anywhere else.

3. Craft Magnetic Headlines :

In my last article, I told you about crafting powerful headlines. A headline summarizes the story and helps readers to organize the news. Headlines are the soul of your all content. Writing a magnetic headline is the opportunity to attract more readers. And writing magnetic headlines is the best way to draw the attention of the readers towards your content. If your headlines are quite enough to attract users then your content will be shared more among readers. So headlines are the main part of your content.

- According to copy blogger 80% of readers only read your headline, rest only 20% will read your article.

 On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents of your dollar. - David Ogilvy

 4. Share Your Personal Experience :

Try to share your personal experience with your readers, it helps you to communicate with your users in a proper way. Sharing personal experience increases the reader's belief in you. So sharing personal experience is always a plus point.

- Readers Loves Stories:  Tell the audience a story. You can tell the story about your experience to the readers. A story can also help clarify a point. when possible, add a story to your post. it will help your post more engaging and also helps your users to learn more effectively.

5. Do Use of Some Facts And Surveys :

Fact is a thing that is known or proved to be true. Facts are the evidence of something to be true. So including some facts or surveys can help your users for better understanding. 
The survey is a look closely examine(Someone or Something)
So try to implement some facts and surveys to make your user's experience better.

6. Do Use of Keywords : 

As we all know that SEO is very important for our blog or website, without SEO our all content is worthless because organic traffic is the best and loyal traffic for our blog or website. Using effective SEO keywords makes our content more reachable to the readers. 
Just take a look at the point of my earlier article "How To Create Great Blog Content":-

using SEO keywords

7. Organize The Content :

If Your article is too lengthy then it can bother your reader and can prevent them from further reading. So to escape this situation you should organize your content. make some points and sub-points, do use of bullets, this method can make your content too handy and help your readers easy to read. so mind this point and don't forget to organize your content. To organize the content you can divide it into parts, can use headings, subheadings, points, facts, and many more.

8. Implement Some Visuals :

Implement some visuals in your content to create a better understanding. You can add some images, graphics, banners, videos, polls, and graphs. These visuals can help your users to understand in a better way. You already know that everybody has different learning skills - someone learns by reading, someone learns by hearing, someone learns by watching practically. So don't forget to implement this advantage.

9. Give Yourself A Break :

That is the point to be noted. Please take a break to write a post or article, if your mind is not working when you are writing content then please don't try further and shut down your PC and let your mind take some rest. Because you can write great content only with a fresh and open mind. Writing one good blog post in a week is better than writing worthless posts every day.

- Get rid of a destruction 
- start with a fresh mind
- Take some rest

# Conclusion :

Please note that there is not any shortcut to write unique content. If you have good content writing skills then you can create unique or original content very easily, you don't need any tips. 
If you will follow these above points then I am damn sure that you can craft unique or original blog content very easily.
Please get rid of these shortcuts:-

- Don't use duplicate content
- Don't copy-paste
- Don't mess in your content
- Don' bother your readers
- Be creative
- The more you write, the more you learn

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