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As we all know today social media traffic is increasing rapidly. There are a huge numbers of users on social media. Because there are huge numbers of users, we can get a lot traffic for our business, blog or website from social media. To take advantage of social media traffic we should know about "Social media marketing" and "why social media marketing is important" . 

If we want to implement social media marketing then we need to create many social media accounts like - facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, pintrest, stumbleupon and many more other social media platforms. we can also create business pages like - facebook page, linkedin page and on all social media networks.we should make a better presence on facebook, linkedin, twitter or other networks. So we will create a lot of social media accounts for our better social media marketing network. so if we'll create a lot of account then we'll have to manage all social media network that will be too time consuming and irritating so we need some tools to make our social media marketing way very easier. There are many tools available on internet to make our social media marketing way very easier. So here in this post i'll tell you about some important social media managing tools to make your social media marketing way very easier.


This tool is very useful to schedule posts on twitter , facebook , linkedin , pintrest , tumbler or google plus.from this tool you can post on every social network you can attach photos , you can attach email , you can short the size of url. it also works as a url shortner . and you can manage traffic on every network..
This tool is very important and useful for social networking… from it you can manage twitter , facebook , linkedin , pintrest , tumbler or google plus.. but its service is a little costly..its service is in 9.99$ per month.. from this tool you can manage multiple accounts on multiple networks…

In this platform there are many tool like – listen , recording and etc..
from this platform you can manage and integrate more than 25 social networks..this is a dashboard where you can manage all the social you can reply on single click , you can schedule your post for exact time , you can target posts , and you can send many message at the same time and you can check your report extensively.. and from its free account you can manage 30 social accounts for free.. ohh my god this tool is really great..

To know how to use hootsuite for social media marketing and how can we manage it read our below article - 
Social Media Marketing With Hootsuite
1. KLOUT :-
you can integrate this tool to your social media account.. this tool will analysis your account and give you a rank.. from this tool you can get your rank and you can know your influence level.. this tool can integrate with facebook , linkedin , google plus , foursquare , instagram , twitter and can tell you your influence score.. how much your score will be that will show your impact on social networks this tool can you your data in a easy graph..
This tool can be integrated to all of the social networks for analytics . in this tool there is a dashboard view where you can find both personal reports and joint reports at the real time.. this is a cloud based service. this tool shows the extensive report of social networking and gives you a influential score.. from it you can know that which of your post is most impacted.. this account can allow only 5 social networks for more yo have to pay..
If you are too much addicted of social media and you checks updates again and again then this tool can be very useful for you .. from this tool you can get the updates by email..this toll will give you updates again and again about friend request , birth day reminder , status update or about photos.. this tool will send you update about twitter also that who follows you , direct message , re tweet or replies.. so this tool can be very useful for you..

There are many other platforms specific tools. Like there are many other mobile apps for twitter marketing, there are many hashtags tracking tools available for twitter, instagram or facebook.

One More Important thing if you are using social media for as a rocket for your business marketing, You should be care about peak time for social media networks. Here is my earlier article on "What are the Best days and Times to post on Social Media

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