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As we all know that today "why social media marketing" is Important for our business and Startup. The Social media had proved the strength of marketing. If you want to get success then social media marketing is the main factor to be the stairs of your success. As I had tell you earlier about social media marketing in my posts - Tips For Improving facebook PresenceImportant Tools and Websites That Makes your Social media marketing Way Very easierWhy Social Media Marketing? ,..

As we know we can't optimize and analyze all the data of our users in a better way. So we need's some some help to do that. There are many tools available for social media marketing. But Hootsuite is the winner in this line because of its simple and effective tools and better service plans.

Here I am sharing its features :- 

# Features:

1. Manage one or more social platforms:

     Hootsuite is a tool where you can use more than one social media platforms. With hootsuite you can use like - facebook,twitter,google plus, linkedin and etc.. Here you can manage and integrate 25 various social media platforms together at one spot.

2. Managing Multiple accounts:
                                                                                         Here you can manage and integrate more that one accounts of similar social media platform. Like here you can manage multiple accounts of facebook,twitter, linkedin and etc..

3. Tools like Listen and Recording:
                                                            Here are some interesting tools like Listen, recording. So you can record your voice and also can listen.

4. All the game of "Single Click":
                                                         That is the unbeatable feature of Hootsuite. here you can reply on single click , you can schedule your post for exact time , you can target posts , and you can send many message at the same time and you can check your report extensively.

 5. Reports and graph of your activities:

     Here you can watch the reports, graph and progress of your activities. Whom you can use to optimize your marketing and can analysis about your work.

6. Inbuilt Certified Social media marketing    courses for free:
                             Hootsuite offers certified social media mrketing courses for free.. You can get the advantage these courses on hoosuite Podium..

so these are the features of Hootsuite.. KEEP MARKETING..

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