The Geek Vision

1. Buffer - 

                                         Buffer is the easiest way to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and your updates to post at optimal times, whether you're around or not. Build up a queue of awesome content to share with your friends and followers, and followup on your posts with Buffer's straightforward analytics to see which posts performed best.Buffer works from news apps like Flipboard, Zite, Taptu, TweetDeck, Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Pulse, Feedly, UberSocial, Plume, Seesmic, Google Currents and almost all other reader apps. You also get Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics & LinkedIn stats.

2. Hootsuite for Twittter & Social:-

                                                                                                                                                           Easily manage your social media efforts across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks with one app — Hootsuite!  With over 10 million users, Hootsuite is the world’s most widely-used social relationship platform. The Hootsuite app lets you post and schedule to multiple social networks, monitor conversations about your brand, engage with followers and track your content performance from anywhere you use Android.
The Hootsuite Android app is FREE to use for up to 3 social profiles and syncs with the web dashboard.Simple, efficient, and powerful, the app allows you to:
• Post to all your social networks in one place: Twitter, Facebook (Pages & Profiles), Linkedin, and more
• Save time by scheduling messages, or use AutoSchedule to post at optimal times
• Create custom searches to easily see when people mention your brand or interests
• Attach up to 4 images and preview them before they get published
• Effectively manage notifications so you don’t miss a mention
• Track your shortened URLs and view performance over time

3. TweetCaster for Twitter:-

                                                                                          TweetCaster has a gorgeous look with an intuitive interface that makes it super easy to use while packing in tons of features. Optimized for both phones and tablets, TweetCaster has been highly praised by users and reviewers.
* Multiple Twitter Accounts – Manage and easily post to multiple Twitter accounts
* Facebook – Simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook
* Notifications – Get notified of new tweets, mentions, messages, or by specific user. Notifications are expandable and actionable on Android 4.1+
* Photo Effects – Add cool filters, effects and captions to photos, as you upload them
* Zip It – Zip annoying tweeters or keywords from your timeline without unfollowing
* Widgets – multiple widgets, including one that is scrollable and sizeable (Android 3.0+)!
* Themes – Twelve vibrant, colorful themes
* Smart Filter – Filter your timeline to look only at tweets with photos, links, videos, or hide retweets or replies
* Search Party – How Twitter search was meant to be! Lets you search just your own timeline, someone else’s, or all of Twitter.
* Smart Lists – The best way to use Twitter Lists, including robust list management and viewing tools
* My Stats – Up-to-the-minute tally of stats includes Most Retweeted, Most Mentioned, Most Favorited, & many more
* Photo previews – View previews and open photos from most image services, including Instagram
* Speak Tweets – Tap microphone on New Tweet screen to speak instead of typing
* Schedule Tweets – Compose a tweet and send later or send to Buffer

4. Carbon for Twitter:-

                                                                             Carbon experience for Android Smartphones. No Tablet support yet.Simple, Dark, and a dash of elegance for your Twitter day-to-day pleasure.Carbon is a Twitter client, but unlike other Twitter clients. All of your Twitter content on one screen. A screen that doesn't get you drilling down to many other screens to reach to what you want. Timelines, Lists, Favourites, Searches, Trends, Profiles, all there.

5. Plume for Twitter:-

                                                                         Plume is a beautiful and completely customizable Twitter app that will revolutionize the way you use Twitter! Brought to you by the authors of the popular Beautiful Widgets, Plume is one of the best Twitter clients for Android! (Plume was formerly known as Touiteur)
  - Colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter
  - Multiple twitter accounts support
  - Scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on your home
  - Lockscreen widget (Android 4.2+)
  - Mute twitter users, word or applications
  - Facebook timeline & posting- Live Streaming in app
  - Picture preview in timeline, large view of images with pinch to zoom
  - Twitter geotagging
  - Swipe scrolling
  - Very customizable
  - Internal browser
  - Autocomplete twitter hashtags and username
  - Share photo with Twitter, Twitpic, YFrog, Mobypicture,
  - support for your URLs
  - Inline twitter conversation
  - Display replies to a tweet- Display twitter profiles
  - Pull to refresh- a lot more!
Plume is a beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client, which will change the way you feel about Twitter!

6. Unfollowers, Twitter Instagram:-

                                                                                                                          The best Twitter and Instagram unfollow follow tracker that lets you discover who unfollowed you or who doesn't follow you back on Twitter and Instagram.Get new insights about your Twitter and Instagram accounts such as your mutual friends, fans, new followers and more with our intuitive, easy to use interface design.
Unfollowers ( is one of the most popular tool to manage your Twitter and Instagram connections (followers/followings/unfollowers). Loved by over 10 million of our amazing users making it possibly the best Twitter and Instagram followers/unfollowers tracker available.

                    You can track the below list of users:
- Who UNFOLLOWED YOU recently (new unfollowers)
- Who FOLLOWED YOU recently (new followers)
- Who DON'T FOLLOW YOU back (not following back)
- Who YOU DON'T FOLLOW back (fans)
       Besides these
・ Multiple Account Support for both Instagram and Twitter
・ Notifications for unfollowers/followers for Twitter
・ Smart copy followers/following
・ Search (Twitter Only)
      Also, you can see the following social network graphs
・ Followings
・ Followers
・ Whitelist
・ Sent requests
・ Blocked users
       While you are looking at all the informative lists about your social graph, you can also
・ Follow
・ Unfollow
・ Whitelist/unwhitelist
      For Twitter based accounts, you can also
・ Send direct messages to your followers and friends
・ Send a mention tweet
・ Force them to unfollow you
      We are supporting 13 different languages
All of these features are available in the application with our advanced, yet intuitive and easy to use interface.

7. tweecha for Twitter:-

                                                                                             Ad: calculacha! is an amazing calculator app from the creator of tweecha that lets you easily work out percentages!
Tweecha is a very useful Twitter client for Android. It allows easy access to show conversations, images, and replies to your friends while displaying the original message. You can also reply to multiple tweets.
- Manage multiple accounts
- User timeline over streaming
- Inline thumbnail
- Color label for user
- Mute user, app and text
- Conversation view on tweet detail screen
- Menu to access each timelines and each list.
- Pull to refresh
- Save Image
- Show read status (orange line)
- Mark as read, or unread
- Move to unread position
- Show user information when clicking user profile image
- Easy access: change lists with Swiping, pushing button, and from menu.
- Manage multiple accounts- Showing full size image on display
- Notification of mentions and direct messages
- Translation function (long press on tweet, work with Google translation app)
- Rich friends information with tweets, favorites, follows, followers, and so on.
- Twitter Lists: push lists button to access lists
- Profile View shows tweet, follows, followers, favorites, listed counts
- Push counts buttons on profile view to access timelines.
- Following list, Followers list.
- Tweet ways: Tweet, replay, retweet, qt, favorites.
- Sharing: share tweet, share text, and share URL
- Favorites star appears on timeline
- Direct message support
- Search user, search tweet.

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