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Hello Geeks, Today i am here to publish a post with my new vision. In this post i'll tell you about blog monetization different methods.

If you wanna make money from your blog then blog monetization is the necessary thing. To make money you have to monetize your blog. There are many ad monetization ways to make money from your blog. If you are using a particular only one methods, it is like "putting all eggs in one basket. That will be not good for you. If you are dependent only on one monetization way and if you get banned by your monetization program, that will be irritating for you and according to me many innocent bloggers give up from blogging at this stage. So putting all eggs in one basket is not quite good. Because you can make more money by using different monetization ways and if you use different monetization ways then you will be no more dependent on only one ad networks. If one networks bans on you, there will be none of the effect on you. So to make a bright career in blogging start using different monetization methods and expand your benefit area and make more money. So start making experiments by using different blog monetization methods, Because more you experiment, more you learn.

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1. Monetize by Different Ad-Networks:

There are many ad networks available for your website or blog monetization. here i am telling about different types of ad networks -

- Pay per click (PPM)

- Cost Per Mile (CPM)

- Text Link Ads

- In Text Ads

- Banner Ads

Here are some best ad-networks below- 

# Adsense : 

             Adsense is one of the best ad network by Google. Adsense is the most used networks by bloggers. Adsense is a reliable network. Adsense pays you on Pay Per Click method and also pays on ad impression count. Adsense is the best source of income for most of bloggers mostly if you are using blogger. Adsense is a great ad network but you should be not dependent only on it. Because Adsense have a strict policy and rules they can ban you anytime without any notification. So putting all eggs in one basket is not good. Many of bloggers thinks that there are no more blogging career without adsense, but thats not true you can make enough money by using different monetization ways. is a great blog but they use adsense in very low volume. You can check shoutmeloud earning report here

# : 

                is the true alternative of adsense. is a contextual ad network by yahoo or bing. this is the great ad network you can use this alternative to adsense.

Here is some other good ad networks- 

2. Affiliate Marketing :

This method can be a best source of your earning. You can earn a lot by affiliate marketing if you have great numbers of visits on your blog. In affiliate marketing you have to sale products of affiliate networks. And you will get a great commission on per product sale, sometimes you get 50-75% of the sale. There are many affiliate ad-networks and many affiliate programs available, some of them described below - 

# Affiliate ad-networks :

Recommanded - Viglink, Peerfly

# Affiliate program :

3. Paid Reviews :

You can write paid reviews on your blog. This is the great way to make money. But to be able to post paid reviews, your blog should have a good numbers of visitors with a good reputation. If you have good writing skills in review writing you can write paid review, you can charge 100$ - 1000$ for your review, this can be more if you have a great blog.

4. Get Sponsored By a Company :

Leverage your audience and influence to be get sponsored by a company that will pay you money to promote them. This is the most stable way to make money by your blog. But to get sponsorship by a company you blog should have potential visitors with a good reputation. 

 5. Sponsored Content / Native Ads :

This is a great way to monetize your blog. Native advertising is a type of advertising, usually online but feasibly elsewhere, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Best native ad-networks are given below - 

6. List Building :

If your blog is much popular than your blog definitely have a good numbers of email subscribers. So why don't you take advantage of the email list of your subscribers. You can sent mail about some products and offers relevant to your blog including affiliate links. Because they showed interest in your blog and after that they subscribed your newsletter, So i am sure some of them will definitely buy your products and offers described in your email newsletter. So take advantage of your email list.
To make your email list in a better way start using Awebar for list building.

Recommended : Awebar

7. Publish a eBook :

Most of successful bloggers publishing their own e-book and selling it to their users. So Publish a ebook including strategies, tips and trick about the subject of your blogs. This can be a best promotional and money making strategy for you and your blog, So don't forget to take advantage of this step.

8. Selling E-Commerce Products :

This can be a great idea to make money by your blog. If your blog is subjects about health, you can sell health products. if your blog is all about fashion you can sell fashion products. This method can be a milestone to monetize your blog. If you have good sense of convincing your users to buy products, you can make a great amount of money in your hand.

Here is some best affiliate programs of some best E-Commerce companies :

9. Service / Consulting :

A consultant is a professional who provides expert advice in a particular area.A consultant is usually an expert or an experienced professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. So if you have a great knowledge about your niche subject then your can be a consultant, you can start your own services and plans and take charges from your users according your plans and services. So this can be a great way to make money by your blog , Like - Neil Patel.

10. Coaching / Tutorial :

If you have skills to solve problems in a specific subject. You can make a coaching or tutorial plan to provide information to your users and can make money by taking charges of your coaching or tutorials. So make a series of tutorials and make money by your users if the subscribe your tutorials.

# Conclusion :

That's not it, there are many other monetization ways are available which you can use. If you are using a different method, Let me know by posting a comment below.

If you wanna be a expert in blog monetization and want to be a professional blogger, You should start experimenting. More you experiment, more you learn. So start implementing some great monetization strategies and take advantage of your blogging career. To get more visitors, there should be a good content on your blog. Here is the full guide - How To Write a Great Blog Content

Thats it, Hope this helps.

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions by posting a comment below. 

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