The Geek Vision

1. Clash of Clans(Supercell) :- 

                                                    Today clash of clans is the top grossing game in google play.. this game is released on September 2013 at google play for android..this game is making about $6m daily revenue with about 30m daily active users.. this game is really a golden biscuit for Supercell..

2. Candy Crush Saga(King):-

                                                 As we all know that this is the sweetest game ever.. This sweet game developed by its attractive design and sweetest gameplay attracts everyone.. this game is making a great revenue with about 93m active users..Candy Crush Saga players spent over $1.3 billion on In-App purchases in 2014.. this is really a golden biscuit for Candy Crush Saga is earning about half revenue of

3. Game of War - Fire Age :-    

                                                 This game is developed by Machine Zone,Inc.  this is also a top grossing game.. This is making $583,823 with 1,959.370 daily active users .. this is really a big amount of money and a great number of users..

4. Candy Crush Soda Saga :-

                                                 This is the another big game by .. This game makes daily revenue of $461,331 with about 3,348,456 active users..

5. Boom Beach :- 

                               This is the another big game by Supercell.. this is also the top grosser game on google play.. this game is making about $310,784 with about 1,030,186 active users..

5. Hay Day :- 

                      Oh My God!!! .  this is the another one by Supercell .. we can say that Supercell is on boom...this is also the top grossing game.. this game is making $135,133 with about  965,237 active users..

6. Subway Surfers :-

                                              This is not the great grosser game but this is the top free game on play store.. This game is developed by Kiloo .. This game makes about $37,305 with about 1,865,232 daily active users...

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